Gamergy will arrive in Latin America with the Latam Tour 2022

Latin America is a region that is gaining recognition by various parts of the world. Both for their competitive results and the opportunity offered by the territory for ESPORTS. Then, it is not impossible to believe that there are companies interested in carrying popular circuits, as happened in Gamer.

For those who do not know, Gamer is one of the most popular circuits in Europe, with various disciplines in the professional, amateur and educational scope. Despite the current pandemic situation, 2021 did not run out of ESPORTS, looking for an atmosphere with face-to-face and online formats. The six-month season closed with a celebration from December 17 to 19, where there was also an announcement in relation to Latin America.

In the framework of the Amazon Gamer Mature Edition, The arrival of Gamer on the other side of the puddle was confirmed. It will be under the supervision of TECH Entertainment Latin America and IFMA Madrid, with the first having experience in the organization of Latin American circuits. He organized the Tempest League of Legends and also watched the development of Valorant in his first year.

By 2022, Gamer will allow fans to know their favorite influencers, discover the novelties that the world’s main publishers have designed for the most popular games of the moment and attend competitions in the most important educational environment in LATAM. What is also concerned with the ESPORTS, with the inclusion of competitive video game competitions, such as League of Legends. Only in the Amazon Gamer Mature Edition, We find Riot Games within those present.

There are still no more details about registration to circuits, range and mode of operation. Whatever, we have that La LATAM Gamer Tour points to three key countries: Argentina, Chile and Mexico. The tentative dates for the tour are the following:

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Buenos Aires 15 to April 17
Santiago de Chile 6 to May 8

Mexico City 26 to August 28.