Anifang 4 the new year

Sunday Those (Representative Kim Jung-seop said on the 29th that it has updated the limited edition of the Mobile Games ‘Knifing 4’.

The black tiger, which is a new year, the year of the black tiger, consists of seven kinds of hat, top, bottom, and the limited edition of the limited edition to sell from 1st to 14th. The black hypersigned to the tiger of intense impressive tiger cute, the cute arising character, is a popular item of users who have greeted the new year. In particular, the ‘legendary black clubs of the’ legend of legend ‘in Costume, will provide a strategic fun for up to 5 turns when the skill is played and the skill is activated.

Meanwhile, Sunday Loses added a new puzzle stage from 2251, which corresponds to episode 47 of ‘Knifing 4’, and reorganized ‘Premium Pass’. This update, which has established a point earning system on premium paths completed and compensating for the mission that is solvated every month, is a description of the company to use a gift box to use a gift box to give more benefits to users.

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The Black Day of the New Year’s meaning, said, The black shoot of the New Year’s meaning will convey the fun of puzzle play through equipment level ups, said, I will convey the fun of puzzle play through the equipment level up, I will continue to update the various content, including Costume I said.

The latest ‘Knifing 4’ of Knifing series is a domestic representative mobile puzzle game that introduces over 1,300 puzzle stages, 22 types, 150 characters, and more than 150 characters in this year. The Knifing 4, which has completed 2,300 puzzle stages in 18 months, is also serving a variety of content, including real-time war and guild user community Pam in addition to puzzles.