Fortnite Server offline am 29 12 ?? Was sagt Epic

The online game features are on 29.12. The servers down. There have been many error messages since about 17:00 pm German times, people hang in queues and are annoyed. Since 19:00, the servers from Fortnite are offline. We look at memo what Epic says, and how the temporal course of the fault looks at Fortnite. Why could it be that the servers are now offline.

This is the time out of the server-down at Fortnite on 29.12:

At 17:13 pm German time reported Epic Games on Fortnite, there are problems in logging, matchmaking and other difficulties. Epic looks closer.
At 19:13 pm German time then the message came: Fortnite was not available at the moment, the players are no longer able to log in. You can examine the problem and share it as soon as the servers are online again.

If you are not able to play Fortnite at the moment, that’s what is said: That’s not yours to you, your Internet provider or at the new traffic light coalition in Berlin — these are worldwide problems straight.

The news of Epic Games coincides with the timing of the difficulties that can be observed via Google Trends: The searches for Fortnite rose strongly from 16:50 pm German time, then reached a climax at 19:08 and have been up-to-date Constant high level.

In Fortnite, the servers in the high phase were regular down

What is the reaction? For Fortnite knows server failures, at least if you are already a few years.

In the growth phase of Fortnite, so in 2018, there were the server-downs regularly. Fortnite was overrun at the time, so popular was Fortnite: Battle Royale, a hastily high-streamed emergency game at that time.

In recent years, such problems have become less common.

At that time, a lot of frustration went wide under the players, if they had to wait for a day until the game ran again. At that time, there were actually compensation for a long failure:

On 29.12. Comment Users on Twitter amused the server-down at Fortnite rather and ironically:

A user calls for 100,000 V-bucks and the Skin Renegade Raider as compensation
A second user writes: The game is dead (literally)


What could the server-down be? If the problems started at 5:00 pm of German time, then escalated at 19:00, that in some kind of overload or strong crowd indicates, because against 19: 00 o’clock should be reached by the European Prime Time, at the time most users are likely to be online at the same time in Fortnite.

Actually, however, there is no evidence that Fortnite should have an extreme player peak at the end of 2021. The last major rash in the interest was on 5.12., Then the 3ch chapter began from Fortnite with a large event.

Epic reports at 21:10 clock with new message

Update 21:13 clock: At 21:10 clock came the latest message from Fortnite. It is said to work on a fix to bring back ton ite and thank all for the patience.

At the moment, Fortnite Game servers are offline while seeking solutions to stability issues. It is logged in when you have more information.

Update 22:00: There was nothing new in the last 50 minutes.

In the comments on Twitter people say:

That’s completely crazy. Your servers are now 4 hours down, while children have Christmas holidays.
A user feels with EPIC and says, Door, for you, that you have a break now, and then you have to work there.

At the moment Epic Games seem to continue to work on the problems with the server down in Fortnite. In the USA, in North Carolina, where Epic Games is sitting, it’s just 16 o’clock. For those who are likely to be in a hot afternoon in emergencies, during the Christmastime there are many responsible technicians are missing there.

Update 23:00: There is nothing new from Epic Games yet. The servers are still down. The worldwide interest in Fortnite has even reached another highlight at 22:56. That is, the situation goes rather even further.

Update 30.12., 0:00 : Also at midnight there are no news yet. Looks like the problem goes much longer.

Fortnite Server from 0:20 clock again online, report first user

Update 0:30: There are more messages that the servers return to Fortnite. On Twitter, first user report, they come back in. Also, the search interest in Fortnite has dropped significantly since 0:22. The location seems to relax.

An official statement of Epic Games is still out.

The article is created in the breaking procedure and is updated continuously.