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The ten best video games you have probably missed in 2021

Activity role-playing (usually shortened activity RPG or RPG) is a subgenre of video clip games that integrates core aspects from both the action video game and also role-playing genre.

2021 brought us a ton of great games but as always, a plethora of titles passes under the radar. For this reason, at Cog connected, we have compiled a list of excellent games you may have missed. Discover them below!

15 Best Single Player Games of 2021 You Probably Missed
It is quite natural to miss some games. 2021 was packed and a lot of large outputs and independent titles may have escaped you. Whether you are looking for haunting platform games, puzzles, JPGs or Zelda inspired adventures, we have a list of all the great games you may have missed. So, get ready to add to this catalog because these games are all worth seizing!

Well, this is our list of the ten best games you may have missed in 2021, and you can read more here. Do you play one of the games of our list? Are there you come back and play? What other games have been forgotten this year? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter, and do not forget to subscribe on YouTube for more video game content.

Thank you for keeping it locked on Cog connected.

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