Lineage W, the first World Battlefield `

NC soft (Representative Kim Taejon) Multi Platform MMORPG (Multi-Pattern Role Performance Game) Lineage W was updated the first World Battlefield ‘crack’.

Cracks of employees are large-scale battlefields that can participate in all the lonely of 12 servers in the world. Lineage W was aimed at the implementation of the World Unit combat from the planning stage. Users can enjoy a large amount of combat content on a larger than server units. We also introduce World Battle and World Exchange, such as the Tower of Operation and Oman.

Lineage W Showcase : The World
Lineage W Users can use portal at the Wizard Lab, or enter cracks of the employees through special dungeon menus. You can enter from character 50 or higher, and you can play up to 7 hours a week.

The cracks of the void are composed of a total of two layers. When you kill the elite monster on the first floor, you get the key to the migration room / library / magic type. Every Gentleman, a Boss Monster, a Boss Monster, a Boss Monster, and a legendary grade weapon ‘bow and a hero rating armor can be obtained.

The user can move to two layers through four portals in the first floor of the crack of the void. Every Saturday evening at 8 o’clock, Boss Monster ‘Damian Hardin’ appears, and when he gets, ‘Hiding’s cane’, ‘belief’ in Garage, and the like. In addition to boss monsters, a monster that appears on cracks of the employees can obtain a crack emerald / topaz earring and the like.

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