Studio Ghibli answers important question about Chihiros trip

Studio Ghibli has one of the most characteristic and recognizable animation styles throughout the industry. His animated films have no comparison point, and very few can really meet the standards he established the Chirico journey . The tape left us with an important question after the credits came out, and now we finally have the answer.

Ohio Suzuki, Executive producer of the film, participated in a recent online question and answers with the community. You will remember that during the feature film, Chirico and Baku were promised to meet again one day, but it was never clear if they actually did it. According to Suzuki, the response in theory is a yes, but he prefers to leave it open to the interpretation of fans:

Baku was the spirit of the river that runs near the house where Chirico lived. If Chirico someday visits that river…
At this point it is difficult to believe that Studio Ghibli has intentions to resume this franchise, so the community will have to settle for this response. So if you believe that Chirico and Baku eventually they met, then you can do it now that its producer left the door open.

Last year, Studio Ghibli auctioned a lot of conceptual arts and images from its different movies, and it is said that this auction broke record of sales. You can read more about it by clicking here.

Editor’s note: On the one hand, I do not like that we have not had a definitive answer to this question, but I think it was good that they have left the door open for any possibility. We’ll see what Studio Ghibli surprised us in his future productions.