Ramajs jump to the ice cold water

If it is true that regular game practice with regard to the optimal development of young footballers is not to be replaced by nothing, then it does not look good for Giant Rama. Although the 20-year-old was already in 2018/19 for the second division score of the 1st FC Dagenham, the goalkeeper has not to present a single mandatory match in the adult area until today. In general: Rama’s last league game dated 8 March 2020 at 1: 2 with the Dagenham offspring against Freiburg in the U-19 Bundesliga South / Southwest. Thereafter, the corona pause as well as a meniscus tear, which sat down the keeper until early summer 2021 except battle. Zurich are only three games with the German U-20 national team in the mentioned period. The change from Dagenham just to Contract was therefore allowed to surprise in the summer of 2021.

The advance of the trust is tremendous

On the one hand from the perspective of the player. Finally, it was clear: Rama would be able to collect no use time behind the inviolable Kevin Trap normally, and Frankfurters have declined their 2nd team years ago. But the motivation of the Eintracht-Responsible was remarkable: to make such an inexperienced young man directly to the number 2 — and to give the proven Frederik Connor — already speaks for a tremendous advance. The conditions are clear to him, stressed Rama himself, but the quality in training is very high, so I can develop very well. Of course, with such forecasts, many of them also lay alongside, see the example of Alex Nobel at FC Bayern. The confidence of the club manager formulated Meanwhile Torwarttrainer Jan Zimmermann: With Giant we were able to win a very viable, young German international for us. We are sure he can go with us the next steps.

In addition to Talent is in demand on Sunday especially nervous strength

On Sunday in Augsburg, it will now be in the second round game so far: Since Trap fails because of a corona infection, Rama receives the opportunity for the first time to confirm its own forecasts and those of his supervisors — and to teach all the skeptics of a better. With all the talent, which the footballer stated 1,89-meter man certainly brings, his professional premiere means a jump into the ice-cold water. In addition to other sporting qualities, in particular, would be asked in particular nerves. Because regardless of how long trap must ultimately pause: at least for the first relevant impression on PROVEN, there is also no second chance for Rama.