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Guild Wars 2: How well do Events & Strikes play in End of Dragons?

Since the announcement of Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons we have no opportunity to learn more about the third expansion of the MMORPG. In the ultimate overview to End of Dragons you will find it especially! But one thing also remained denies us so far: Self-feet to put in the new world CAN THA! Although we have participated in the new elite specializations of EOD like many other players at the beta weekends, but these did not bring out no trips to the Far Eastern rich. But now it was finally time: Together with the developers we traveled in a large round for the first time after Cant ha and have tried new content. There was a taste of a taste of a variety of content — Be it the new controls such as fishing and the skiff boats, a brand new attack mission and the shared intake of a fortress using siege turtle mounts!

It sees itself by itself, but: Attention — from here there are of course impressions and details to End of Dragons! Who sees the spoiler, should not read more.

Back in the Howard


The beginning of our tour was a highlight for players who already played Guild Wars: Fact age. Because together with the developers we gathered in the ruins of house to Helper — 250 years ago Guild Wars 2 (Buy Now €49.95) was still a busy capital of the Vasallennation of the Kubrick, who could connect players (instead of the Luzon In the Demeter). But in End of Dragons is not much left: the Helper ruins are now a contact point for tourists as well as archaeologists who deal with the legacy of the proud people. The designers have given themselves a lot of trouble here to design this place as in Fact age — when we looked around, we felt indeed domestic.
The Howard is slowly green again — in Guild Wars: Fact age was completely bleak, gray and dark. Source: Arena net

fun with the baller with the new mount

No own pictures
Because it is a pre-build, the developers have prohibited the intake of their own pictures — but for us, however, the game looked out, so there is no falsification through the developer screenshots. Though we were not for souvenirs in the petrified forest: The developers wanted to show us one of the big MAP events of the Howard’s wilderness. For this we all sight on magnificent inferences, the siege turtles. While we were able to try them in a beta event, but in great round to trees through the impressive Howard, while a rider takes over the cannons of reptile to fight against opponents? That was really a bit refreshing new for the GW2 palate.

More about siege turtle: The peculiarities of the new riding in GW2

The fractions of the Howard

On the journey to our mysterious target, the developers explain what political groups populate the Howard. For example, there would be due to peace, a grouping, a grouping, which is composed mainly of bird-like Ten, but also humans. They act as protector of the Howard.

A similar role wants to take the so-called spokesman, but they are significantly more aggressive — this course despises jade technology and sees them as a threat to nature they want to preserve. The natural enemy of the speaker is logically the Jadebruderschaft, which wants to drive jade technology without consideration of ethics or losses. And so we arrive at the destination of the excursion: the Fort Penal. With the help of siege turtles, we can turn off the shield generators from Fort Especial. Source: Arena net

Storm on Fort Especial — as in Fact age!

This fortress was in Fact age’s scene of a competitive mission in which Kubrick players had to prove themselves against Luzon invaders who wanted to tear goals with their turtles to take key points. And that’s exactly what it’s about the new event. Together with the help of NPC turtles, it is important to storm Especial, which is now mutated to the high-tech stronghold of the Jadebruderschaft. The NPC turtles are very practical, after all, players will not immediately have access to mastering around the new coop mount. In this respect, we could simply jump up in a Kestrel pilot and attack the shield generators of the fort as a contactor. Inside the fortress, various champion jade bots waited for us, while all human residents have already fled. The researchers of the Jadebruderkeit had probably exaggerated with their technological ambitions, which is why we had to clean up.

On the next page, we tell you how the boss fight is designed in Fort Especial and how the first new strike is played by End of Dragons.