Annex 4, the first half of the year for the expansion of social and collaboration

Sunday Those (Representative Kim Jung-seop) introduced large updates on the first half of the Mobile Games ‘Knifing 4’ on the 20th.

Updating ‘Afghan 4’ to expand social and collaborative systems, the Royal Raid, which is the ‘social square’ and puzzle play, which users are facing the social and puzzles, are representative contents. The ‘Social Square’ is a content that can be a variety of social activities such as a real-time conversation as well as a real-time conversation as well as a real-time conversation as well as a user. In addition, support for social activities such as purchasing items through a private shop with the point received from the ‘Social Square’, and will add to the fun of avatar play.

In addition, ‘Royal Raid’, which is added to ‘Royal’ mode, a real-time competitive content of ‘Knifing 4’, is the first line as a collaborative content that takes 10 users took a boss in real time. ‘Royal Raid’ is characterized by preparing a strategic fun of collaboration, including puzzle play and friendly resurrection that attacks bosses with three or more puzzle blocks or special blocks. In particular, the structure of social networking, such as team recruitment and strategic discussion through social square, is a description of the company that it will be a different fun for users.

The new contents, New contents, the new contents are expected to show, the new contents will be able to show up ‘Knifing’s 4’ content, the new contents are analyzing and reflecting the vast play pattern of the use of casual games,.

Since its release on June 20, the puzzle of the Korean Open Market, the ‘Knifing 2’, ‘Knifing 2’, and the ‘Knifing 4’ on the TOP10, and the Knifing 4 is a vast content such as 2,350 puzzle stages, It is self-contained.