Call of duty

Phil Spencer expresses his will to “keep call of duty on PlayStation”

Recurrent question of the acquisition of the group Activision Blizzard King, the future of Call of Duty as a multiplatform license has been mentioned directly by Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming.

I have had good interviews this week with the leaders of Sony. I confirmed our intention to honor all existing agreements as part of the acquisition of Blizzard Activision and our desire to conserve Call of Duty on PlayStation. Sony is an important part of our industry, and we attach importance to our relationship, posted Phil Spencer on Twitter. A message that, even read and connected between the lines in every way possible, remains too vague to engrave in the marble the idea that the future Call of Duty games will come out on PlayStation exactly as it was the case so far. Phil Spencer’s intervention only joins a recent comment on a Sony spokesman who invited Microsoft to respect contractual agreements, which does not mean much in the long run.

and if Call of Duty did not go out every year?

Anyway, this historical acquisition could make the lines moving with regard to the small habits of Call of Duty and Activision Studios in general. In a new article published by Jason Schrader of Bloomberg, the journalist is the first to evoke the possibility of putting an end to the annual rate of the franchise, which has never failed its autumn rendezvous since 2005. Jason Schrader relies On two sources close to the file, according to which activism frameworks began to debate this issue.

Perhaps inspired by Ubisoft who has bounced Assassin’s Creed when it had to stop an episode every year, some people at Activision think that slowing down the cadence would be beneficial for the franchise, which the rest can today. ‘Support the regular revenues of the Free-to-Play Call of Duty War zone and Call of Duty Mobile. Also benefiting for teams like Infinity Ward and Trey arch, often subject to the stress of delays and the intensive Crunch.

The Blizzard Division could also benefit from this culturally and strategically acquisition. In recent years, hundreds of people have left Blizzard and created new companies to create games that Blizzard would not have considered. If Xbox offers a more Great freedom of creation to Blizzard employees, the exodus could slow down, says Bloomberg.

Phil Spencer does not want to do that Call of Duty

On paper, the appearance of Microsoft in the midst of these discussions could well encourage the franchise to slow down the pace. While most of the Activision studios are now busy working on Call of Duty in one way or another, even Toys for Bob, Phil Spencer confirmed to Washington Post that his will is to let the studios work on a variety of franchises.

We hope we can work with them when the agreement will be concluded to make sure we have the necessary resources to work on the franchises that I love since my childhood, and those who really interest the teams. I am impatient. Having these discussions. I really think that it’s about adding resources and increasing the capabilities, says the one who, looking at his new license portfolio, cites franchises like King’s Quest, Guitar Hero and even Helen. And if Star craft has been put to the closet in favor of Diablo and Overwatch, the Blizzard RTS is in a good position on the presentation documents of the acquisition.

Since it began to redeem studios by dozens, Microsoft is renowned for allowing great freedom of action to the teams that join the Xbox pavilion. It is therefore the prospect of finding greater creative freedom that rejoices most of Activision Blizzard employees since the announcement of January 18, as Jason Schrader reports in his article. They are also numerous to rejoice in the future very probable start of Bobby Kick, hoping for a clear improvement in internal culture, even if some still fear possible dismissals. Microsoft is committed to trying to remember as many employees as possible, commented Bobby Kick on this subject.