Up to 80%, Intra Games PS4 · Steam Snowy Discount

Intro Games carries out for sale in New Year’s Day, New Year’s Day. Discount sales are targeted for PS4, PC (steam) games where intro Games distributed. 52 target games are 52 species, and the maximum discount rate is 80%.

As the main title, there are Ultra Age, which was released on September 9 last year, last 20 days with Sherlock Holmes chapters with third-rate LCS. Sherlock Holmes Chapters will discount 20% of the Deluxe Edition and the season paths, including the general edition.


In addition, Shikhar Kali 2, Witches and Weathered Bottle 2. Witches and Weathered Bottle Rise, Lu pan’s Seam Palace and Witch, and Nippon CHI Software Title, such as Witch’s Brigade and Witch, and Mach Electric Dismay Repine, were also included.

In addition, Differs GAZES is developed, and the Perfect World is published by the Landlord Prom Di Ash main and additional content, and the SNK ‘Samurai Showdown’, also discounts off both the general plates and deluxe editions and three seasons.

Intro Games Discount Sales The PS Store is on January 26, Steam proceeds from January 27. The end of the event is PC steam on February 3, the PS store is February 9. Detailed discount rate by title can be found in each platform official store.