Butch and Cassidy return to the anime of Pokemon

Pokémon Journeys It has allowed the anime of this series to explore various facets that would not have been possible under the format of the past. Thanks to Ash and Go hare exploring all the regions of this world, we constantly see old friends and rivals. In this way, has revealed that the next episode will give us a new look at two villains we have not seen in years.

Although Jesse and James are the main representatives of the Rocket team, in the first seasons of the anime, we were introduced to Butch and Cassidy, two members of this evil organization who do their job properly. However, have spent years since the last time we saw these characters on screen . Fortunately, this will change in episode 95, which will be released in Japan next week.

Apparently at the advance, Butch and Cassidy have retired from their criminal life, and have begun to live quietly. Here is where Jesse and James come across this duo , and this interaction doubts the future of these two characters like villains. This is the official description of the episode:

The Rocket team spends its days focusing on their part-time jobs to raise funds for their operations… and they are also completely tired of their missions constantly fail. They come to the conclusion that failures occur because Rocket Geisha does not give them any strong Pokémon, so they decide to follow Pepper to complain about with those responsible. But on the way they are with ancient peers of Gang [Butch and Cassidy], which makes them think that there is more in life than the Rocket team. What will happen now?!


The episode 95 of Pokemon journeys, known as farewell! The Wandering Rocket Gang!, Will premiere next week in Japan . In related topics, despite the fact that Legends: Areas is not yet available to the public, players assure and finished the game. Likewise, Logan Paul says he did not pretend his reaction to the false Pokémon cards of him.

Editor’s note:

Without a doubt, it is nice to see characters so old once more in the anime. Similarly, the idea that Jesse and James leave the Rocket team sound interesting, although it is very likely that this does not end at the end of the day, or be reversed in a future episode.