Its been 5 million copies sold for IT Takes Two

It Takes Two has now sold over 5 million copies
The party continues for Electronic Arts, Hazelight Studios and Josef Fares. Even before celebrating its first anniversary next month, IT Takes Two has just taken the spectacular course of the five million copies sold in the world.

As a reminder, the game of cooperative platforms had exceeded one month’s sales one month after it released on March 26, before winning the two million in June and the three million in October. In a podcast broadcast in December, director Josef Fares had estimated that “half of the” IT Takes Two players came from China. We do not know if it’s always the case, but the commercial success of the game is also a reflection of a concert of good equally important criticisms. According to this aggregator, IT Takes Two was elected game of the year 2021 by 80 media, more than any other game released last year. To top it off, the Variety site announced Monday the start of an adaptation project of Cody and May adventures (cinema or television) by DJ2 Entertainment, with Pat Casey and Josh Miller, the scriptwriters of the two Sonic films.