What read in The Multiverse: 10 minutes game scenes in the video

What read in The Multiverse is a game that turns worlds to the head. Use the power of parallel universe to change the reality in the middle of the air. Chats become bridges, walls to tunnels and enemies to friends. This puzzle platform is full of fun and chaos.

In the multiverse all sorts of worlds are gathered: a sum of all events ever happened, or could ever happen. The sympathetic scientist Everett claims that he explores this crazy new world. But if that’s true, why does he then be constantly crimes? Who are the shadow shapes that pursue him? And why does reality seem to collapse? Discover the secrets of multiverse in this bitter-bese and funny story, in which your reality can change at any time.

10 Minutes of Gameplay | What Lies in the Multiverse

The dimensions exciting dramatic comedy What read in the Multiverse? Today got a new gameplay trailer showing ten new minutes from the Puzzle Platformer. With comments by Community Developer Sadie by Untold Tales, the video has never been seen scenes from the second chapter of the game.