Free PS2 Demake: Fan brings cult

Loving Demakes of cult games are enjoying great popularity in the gaming community. Now a fan has a fan of one of the best JRPGs of the PlayStation-2 era prefixed and delivered a free demo in the game boy look.

With Persona 4, a true classic of JRPG history gets a charming fan-demake – or at least a promising demo in Game Boy look that is available for free and easily gambled in the browser.

Persona 4: Cult-RPG radiates in the game boy look

Twitter-User Seans has shared a trailer for his demake project on his profile – and shows how the PS2 classic persona 4 would look like on the Game Boy .

To develop the demake demo, Seanss took back to the GB Studio Engine. If you want to try the project, you do not necessarily need an old Game Boy. Instead, you can choose the demo about itch.io for free in the browser **.

Watch Game Boy Demake of Persona 4 on Itch.Io

Demakes: Fans transform cult games in retro beads

Demakes of fan favorites have developed into a popular employment in the gaming community in recent years. However, gamers are mostly recreating newer games like Bloodborne, The Witcher 3 and Death Stranding – and show how the new graphics hits looked at long-overhaul platforms. In most cases, these projects are only videos in pixel optics and not playable projects such as the demo of Persona 4.

However, an exception is the demake of Resident Evil 8 , which was also published by a fan last year under the name Residentvania on itch.io and is also available for free there.

Do you want more demakes? In our picture gallery we show you how current games had appeared 20 years ago: