LOL: Infinity gets to the top table 2022

Liga Latin America continued with the remaining parties of its first week. Infinity and Isurus were not able to assist by complications alien to competition. So three meetings changed date for this Friday.

The duels of the day were those of isurus against Globant Emerald ; INFINITY Against ESPORTS ; and Infinity against Isurus.

The game began with a change in Isurus’s central lane, debuting with Franco Matías “Fiare” Pombo Castillo . Tryndamere played against the corki of Joaquín “Plugo” Pérez . As for development, it was better than the previous one for the best: Globant Emerald sought the murders and take advantage of his artillery. Isurus advanced with the turrets and neutral objectives .

A fight for the dragon in the 26th minute sentenced the meeting in favor of Isurus, leaving the 1-0 in the first shock. The moment did not last long: Against Infinity, the defender champion, nor Ali “Seiya” Bracamontes could against his game. While he sought the target victory, those of Jauny Vargas Altamirano ate the map slowly. As of minute 26, the clash was sung for Infinity.

On the crash against Infinity, Stral Esports started with three casualties against, but without releasing the game. It was a strip and loosen constant until the 23rd minute, when the eagles undertook the flight to the dragon’s pit. It turned out in a fight that had good results for those of Francisco Rubén “Leza” Jara Barragán. Forcing definitive infinity, they got casualties and a Nashor Baron that extended the confrontation .

#LLA Apertura 2022 | Semana 2 Día 2 | League of Legends
Things were not defined at that time. A dragon theft in the 34th minute closed the game in favor of Infiniy, cutting the dream of the perfect regular phase for estrust.

Infinity joins the high table with 2-0 and will join the second week. He could not attend the opening by themes of Coronavirus (Covid-19). You will play against Global Emerald and Xten Esports.