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PlayStation says that the acquisition of Bungie will help expand to television and cinema

Unpacking What The Bungie Acquisition Means For PlayStation
The owner of PlayStation, Sony, has revealed that its recent acquisition of Bungie, which is the study behind the Destiny series, will help the company’s large-scale plans to enter television and cinema industries. In recent years, Sony as a whole has put a much greater emphasis on the search for other multimedia projects based on videogame franchises. This has been seen more noticeably with HBO The last of us television series, the next inexplain film, and the reported metal twisted television program. While it remains to be seen how deep it will be Sony in this space in the future, it seems that Bungie will play an important role.

During a recent winnings call that took place this week, Sony’s financial director, Hiroki Totoki, spoke a little about the acquisition of Bungie and how he sees that the study will fit together with Sony in the future. Specifically, Totoki pointed out the fact that Bungie really wants to expand her franchises in other ways, something in what Sony believes can be of great help. “Bungie wants to nourish the IP that they have in a multidimensional way, and that is his hope. For that, we believe that we can help, we have [Sony] images and [Sony] Music and Bungie can take advantage of our platform so that your IP can prosper and grow, “Totoki said.

At this time, the great question surrounding Bungie’s expansion in this area involves what the study could really seek to do. The most obvious option seems to be a movie or a television series based on Destiny, but Bungie is also working on a new IP at this time. As such, maybe we could see that something ends up coming from Bungie in the field of multimedia that does not relate to Destiny at all.

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