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Update of League of Legends Nerfs Janna, more corrections for Top Lane charming

League of Legends Players who have been playing actively in the last patch have probably seen at least a couple of enchanter champions leave the lower lane in favor of the upper lane. A top lane enchanter’s goal has been gaining popularity lately with Janna as one of the notorious offenders, so it is not surprising that Riot Games has confirmed that he is investigating the problems of this style of play and will have solutions along the way. Meanwhile, Janna himself has been nerfe to recover part of the power obtained in patch 12.2.

The Nerfeo de Janna and comments on these support champions that called home to the upper lane were listed in patch notes for patch 12.3. The initial patch itself did not mention the notes, but it was updated again on January 4 to implement a review for the champion. These nerfs can be found next along with the context of why they decided.


  • Basic movement speed 330 ⇒ 325
  • W: Basic additional movement speed of ZEPHYR 8/9/10/11/12% ⇒ 6 / 7.5 / 9 / 10.5 / 12%.
  • E: Duration of healing power and improved shield of the eye of the storm 5 seconds ⇒ 4 seconds (when slowing down or knocking down at least one enemy)

“Janna’s changes 12.2 razed in the crack of the invoator, turning it into one of the strongest and most popular media». The patch notes said. «However, it was not clear how strong the nerf I needed in the latest version due to a Glacial Augment error that interacted too well with its Q and R. Even after the review, Janna is still very strong with glacial and Other Runes., from what we are reducing the Roaming power of her early her and the improved window of healing and coat of her ».

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As for the other enhanars and their domain in the upper lane, Riot continued saying that something was coming, but the developers did not say what. These changes will be separated from this Nerf from Janna, so it seems that they are also planned for it.

“These changes are not intended to address the recent top lane strategy of it (and that of other charming),” Riot continued. “We are working on a separate solution for that and we will update it as soon as we have an accurate forecast.”