Eberls companion: Bonhof surprised by “Hardness”

Make him Eberl’s farewell “even more affected than others,” finally, since 1991, Rainer Bonhof says on Sunday at the double pass in Sport 1. Of course, Eberls from Mönchengladbach continues to be a topic, and also for Bonhof as a longtime companion Eberls The step announced on Thursday was very surprising.

“Before Christmas,” said the World Champion of 1974 and Vice-President at Borussia Mönchengladbach, “we have experienced Max very differently, he was brave and went forward, has been very well represented by the club.” Certainly there were talks about the intensive burden on the job, but he was “surprised about the degree of hardness”, namely the promulgation on Thursday that Eberl lacks the power to exercise his job further. Finally, the contract was extended until 2026 before nine months ago.

We built all the bridges, but he expressed that differently on Thursday

Rainer Bonhof at the double pass in Sport 1

I have previously tried in conversations intensively to work on solutions. “We offered Max offered to take a relaxation time, and hoped that he was considering his step again,” said Bonhof on Sunday. “We’ve built all the bridges, but he expressed it on Thursday,” Bonhof wondered.

In the search for a successor for Eberl Borussias landed, of course, first at Steffen Korell, since long years as a cadre planner in the team with Eberl responsible for the compilation of the kicking staff. Ex-professional Korell but I realized it is not a way that works in the first row.

In this respect, it will go out to an external solution, who will occupy the job of the Gladbacher sports director in the future. “We will discuss this as usual in peace and find a good solution,” announced Bonhof.

Bonhof confirms Zakarias

On the other hand, there will be a timely clarification in terms of Denis Zakaria, who has been aiming for a change for a long time and is a serious candidate for an immediate change for several associations. Among other things, Juventus Turin is interested, a change Zakarias until Monday at 6 pm seems quite tangible. “There is this wish,” confirmed Bonhof, “but at the moment we have nothing in his hand and can not confirm anything.”