“Im not over yet” -sie Jim Ryan suggests further studio acquisitions

The Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Gym Ryan answered from an overseas interview with Bungie acquired by the company.

By interviewing, Ryan has aware of the points that each other’s values ​​are complementary when they were discussed with Pete Person’s CEO, and the values ​​of each other are complementary. Bungie making games with huge and immersive, Ryan shows the view of Sony with a luxurious game with a longer name.

Mr. Ryan says, “Sony is seriously working on Sony,” about issues such as Skuhara in Bungine, reported by overseas IGN. He revealed that he had a strict standard for partner companies as well as their company.

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Mr. Ryan also denied that this acquisition is not aware of the acquisition of Zynga by Take-to, and the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft. Mr. Ryan Wow, talking about acquisition is taking place for several months ago, and he says “I just did what I think is correct for playstation.”

In order to tighten the interview, Ryan has not been able to easily get funds as much as possible for competitors.