Lol: Samira mod with Devil May Cry 5 you did not know you needed

League of Legends has always been loaded with references to other audiovisual works such as movies, series, and even memes; But it is true that the video games are always the ones that fall most in love. While many are small brushstrokes through a small interaction or a dance, there is a champion that literally would not have existed without a title Hack n slash as mythical as it is Devil May Cry : Indeed, we talk about Samira. **

The work created by Hideki Kamiya has been a reference for the creation and design of this champion , which has gone through all the existing levels of power in the Moba de Riot Games through changes, nerfs and improvements that have provoked ups and downs at your level. But this time we will not talk about the changes of it, but a small mod that modifies the sound effects of the combos of it to be very satisfactory and mostly more familiar. Indeed, we talk about the sound effects from the Game of Capcom.

Samira Devil May Cry References - League of Legends

As you can see and hear in the video that we have left just above, the user “rolosaurio” published through Reddit Modified the sound effects of the desert rose combos to They sound like that of our beloved protagonists of Devil May Cry 5 in which we could see Dante and Nero fight again against evil. As expected, these sounds fit so well in the champion that Riot could buy the rights of these effects to be able to add them in the form of skin to the champion.

These sounds are quite addictive , and listen to that music so Roquera when we fit the final combo can not fall in love more. And it is not just the music and the effects, but also the voice that gives us much more motivation to execute the combos effectively, but above all with a unique and personal style. And you will play more with Samira after having seen this mod? Of course it is a weight reason to reboot games with the shooter.