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New Marvel series wants to miss the Marvel Cinematic Universe a funny touch

The most famous Marvel movies like Infinity Way or Endgame tell a magnificent story of emotional moments. But even funny characters can be found in the Marvel Universe too. So if you have waited for more comedy in Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are good news:

She-Hulk is said to be the funniest MCU series

In an interview with The Wrap, Kat Coiro, Director of the new She-Hulk series explained that the new Disney + series is full of humor :

_ “I never choose a project to genre. And I do not think much about the genre, but about the character. I think about the emotional life of the characters, and if I can add something here. Can I add a mix Making myself from humor and heart? For that I like to look at. And that I like to work. So when I entered the Marvel playground – the cool to Marvel is that it is a constantly evolving universe, and you have dramas, and very comedic films, and we are definitely in a comedic world, but it is still part of the Marvel Land. “_

The main role of the new series takes over Tatiana Maslany , which, for example, in her role in Orphan Black already expressed her comedy talent. Also Mark Ruffalo is returned as Bruce Banner or Hulk . In addition, we get some new characters to face, such as Jameela Jamil as Titania.

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The author behind the She-Hulk series, Jessica Gao, is known, among other things known for the “Pickle Rick” episode Rick and Morty. She-Hulk will have a total of ten episodes, with a term of 30 minutes each. A precise date of publication is not yet available, but the new Marvel series should appear this year.

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