Sony buys Bungie: The shopping tour of the big corporations continues

On January 31, 2022 Sony Interactive Entertainment announced in a press release known to buy bungie. The studio is located in the US state of Washington and is employer of more than 900 employees. For the acquisition, Sony wants to spend $ 3.6 billion. Almost a bargain compared to the sums that Microsoft was finally jumping for similar deals – the purchase of Bethesda hit with $ 7.5 billion to beech, Activision with approximately $ 70 billion US dollars even ten times so much.

Sony Buys Bungie for $3.6 Billion - Inside Games

Who are bungie?

This soon no longer independent studio bungie acquired among other things through the halo saga and its current IP Destiny’s awareness. The series around the Master Chief launched Bungie and rights in the former employer Microsoft, 2010 was together with Activision, from which Bungie 2019 separated \ – this time with its own brand in the luggage. A halo on the PlayStation we will probably not see despite Sony’s bulk bag after this deal.

That’s Sony and Bungie

In the press release, Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony, said, among other things, the outstanding business:
“Since the birth of the Destiny franchise we had a strong partnership with Bungie and I could not be happy to welcome the studio officially welcoming the Studio in the PlayStation family.”

At Bungie, Pete Parsons, CEO came to speak and swarmed: “With Sony we found a partner who fully supports us […] and still respects our creative independence that makes up the heartbeat of Bungie.”

What’s next?

As well as in the Microsoft Activision Deal is not exactly foreseeable exactly what effects exactly it will give for the players, the press release highlights that Bungie should continue to operate multiplatform development. In any case, however, the question arises which large studios are still on the shopping designs of Microsoft and Co. in the next few weeks.