Valorant: These are classified teams for latam challengers

Valorant is about to start the challengers that take the step to the first Masters of 2022. They are competences that formed an open classification and will now define the squads that the qualifiers can dispute. Latin America is one of the regions that is promptly starting the closed system, with teams in the North and South Hemisphere.

The northern branch begins February 10 with six confirmed squads. Two of them are Infinity and Six Karma , who were among the best in late 2021. Thanks to the new system, there are two guests at the first challengers of both parts of the region. The rest comes from closed qualifiers after opening through the Valorant open circuit.

The South works the same, but starts February 12 . There will be six participants, with invitations for KRÜ ESPORTS and Leviatán Esports . About the format, start with group phase in ROBIN round format. The Top 4 will advance to the second phase, which passes to double elimination format that will have two teams classified to the LATAM eliminations.

In addition to the economic incentive, there will be distribution of VCT points. They serve for the road to the September Champions, with spaces for Latin America and Brazil in a different Chance Qualifier . Here you can find more details about the quotas you will have the region for this year.

Let’s go to the teams. The North Challengers will play with the following six squads:

  • Infinity
  • Six Karma.
  • Fusion
  • E-Xolos Lazer
  • Border Monsters
  • Ryze Gaming.

As for the south, the clubs are the following:

  • Leviatán Esports
  • Movistar Optix.
  • 9Z Team
  • Gaming goal
  • Ebro Gaming.

2022 VCT Stage 1 - Challengers NA Format Explained

The qualifiers of the Challengers Latam are scheduled for March, but without required date confirmed. Like the editions of 2021, a face-to-face format will be sought with the best four teams in the region. There is an insured quota for the Masters, which has not yet host country or competitive format. What he does, will have 12 squads fighting for victory.