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Cat ear spartan again! ? At the “Halo Infinite” official forum, the development team reports the current situation and future response

343 INDUSTRIES posted the current report and future response for a defect for match making of “ HALO INFINITE ” at the official site forum.

Twenty-four players were divided into two teams, and the matching errors often generated in “BTB (Big Team Battle)” mode were supported from the other day. This post is explained that builds are created to handle the bugs that occur in the BTB playlist, and the hotfix will be delivered on February 3, shortest.

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Besides, whatever you want to be able to individually want to purchase bundle items, what can be considered, and the cat ear helmet “Nyufect audio” will be reselled during the season.. Details are being published in the official site (linked English).

“Halo Infinite” is released at Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / PC (Steam, Microsoft Store). Season 1 “Reach Hero” will be held until May 4, 2022. The current period limited event “Cyber ​​Showdown” is held from February 1, 2022.