FC Schalke 04: Timo Becker complains “negative spiral”

The defender Timo Becker fled to Hansa Rostock has looked back on his difficult last few months at FC Schalke 04.

Under Chef Trainer Dimitrios Grammozis, Timo Becker was hardly considered at FC Schalke 04 in the current season, although he had previously recorded in the descent season in the squad – a bitter career kink for the 24-year-old.

“It is very difficult to play little for a long period of time and hardly get chances,” Becker’s “WAZ”.

Gestatten, Timo Becker aus Buer! | Interview des Monats | FC Schalke 04
He was more and more “in a negative spiral”, in his still young career this was “not the first time. Already in the past, everything did not always ran smoothly, and I’ve learned from these phases,” Becker said. Nevertheless, he tried to give “100 percent in every workout”.

Timo Becker at FC Schalke 04 “Not present by the head”

A herber setback was finally the transfer to the second team for Becker, with which he suddenly had to play in the Regionalliga West in the first round.

“When I was sent to the U23, I was not present in the first two games from the head. The whole situation was too much for me,” said Becker.

Many opponents would put an extra motivation against Bundesliga professionals and sometimes go to works at all. “And I have to admit: After the difficult months in the 2nd league I was not strong enough for this,” Becker said.

Timo Becker does not return to FC Schalke 04?

Actually, the native Hertener saw himself an integral part of a Schalke team, which can create direct rewriting into the Bundesliga, especially since his contract was extended until 2023.

“I have been guided by these feelings and thought that I can be in the 2nd Bundesliga regular. I absolutely wanted to help Schalke to create the climb,” says Becker.

The fact that his chances were less and less became very “hit him and tired,” such a situation was extremely “heavy for the head”.

Now the defender wants to develop the necessary game practice at Hansa Rostock. Whether he returns to Gelsenkirchen at the end of the season, he could not yet refrain from.

“Sure, I can imagine to return to Schalke, but first and foremost it is about reaching the common goals in Rostock. In summer we will see where I land,” Becker said.