Pokemon legends Arceus: Hardly appeared, there are already the first DLC

Game Freak and The Pokémon Company finally opened the doors to the Hisui region and offer a new adventure with Pokémon legends Arceus. The journey through the feudal Sinnoh is not over yet. Because a well-known insider for Nintendo topics is now hoping for a DLC.

The 1st DLC to Pokémon legends Arceus is probably working

On Twitter, Samushunter now contacted himself and has announced that she has anonymous info that there will be a DLC to Pokémon-Legend Arceus.

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How to Get Alolan Vulpix in Pokemon Legends Arceus
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There are still some Pokémon: Accordingly, Samushunter probably knows a brand new Pokémon, which will take a special role. It is a mysterious monster and the insidein is sure that Game Freak does not pick up that for the next game. To this end, she comes because in the datamine still some Pokémon is missing, of which she already heard.

DLC is probably like sword / shield : The large predecessor games on the Nintendo Switch had already received two DLCs. In these there was a completely new area, new characters and especially many monsters returned again.

According to Samushunter, the DLC will have a very similar scope in Pokémon legend Arceus. Therefore, it can be assumed that there are some fan favorites in the game again. So hopefully Pokémon like Flegmon or Pummeluff are brought back from the replacement bench.

We have asked at Nintendo and will update this article with an answer.

When the DLC appears or is officially announced at all, is unknown so far. If you do not know if you could enjoy the game, then look at our video test:

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If you already play now, then there is “only” 242 Pokémon. Which monsters wait for you in the Hisui region, we will show you in your own listing. If you only experience the story and do not want to collect all Pokémon, then Arceus is still a fairly long adventure. Because you will need an average of almost 25 to 30 hours alone for history.

Do you start the expedition in the Hisui region or remain the new Pokémon far away?