Sega, Arcade Game Center Completely withdrawed in business

Seka takes completely in the game center business. In the currently operating game center, the name of ‘Sega’ is falling and the signboard changes.

Genda, who deployed an amusement business in Japan, announced that last 28th, Genda has gained 100% of the stake in Gen Da Sei Entertainment (Guardian Entertainment), which is running the Saxi Game Center (Guardian Entertainment). This will change the name of the Entertainment Company as a Gender Contribution Entity Inn, and the store name, which is operated as a taxabic brand, is altered in the tax plan. As a result, there was no more landmark of Akihabara and Osaka, and the Sega Game Center signboard could not be seen.

Zena Sega Entertainment was originally dealing with game center business and hardware development as a subsidiary of Sami Holdings, but in November 20, 2020, he sold 85.1% of stocks in November 20, 20, in November 2020. After two years since then, all the stakes are given.

Saxi’s game center business withdrawal was predicted from last year. Japan Ikebukuro store, which can be a representative store of the Sega Game Center in September last year, has been closed in 28 years. It was a decision that was inevitable while overlapping with a reduced sales and a growing maintenance cost to corona 19 fashion. Eventually, Corona 19 became long-term, resulting in a business withdrawal.

Akihabara’s Game Center Closures | SEGA becomes GiGO

Meanwhile, the three-way game center operated business, but the development of arcade game is planning to continue.