The Dark Pictures Anthology offers its free friends pAnthologys for limited time

The Dark Pictures Anthology , the anthology of terror of SupermAnthologysive Games and Bandai Namco Entertainment that hAnthology been terrorizing the staff of a time to this part, is promoted through the call pAnthologys friend. This hAnthology been announced by their managers, confirming that any player who hAnthology man of medan , Little Hope or house of Anthologyhes , you can invite another user to play the selected title totally free And without any kind of condition. Of course, the offer is only for limited time, since the aforementioned free friend pAnthologys will be only available between today, January 28 , and next February 28 . A whole month of the best virtual terror on PC and consoles PlayStation and Xbox.

Invite a friend to spend fear for free

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Thus, its creators have shared an infographic with all detailed steps so that nobody loses the opportunity to share their favorite adventure from The Dark Pictures Anthology; or all three. So much so, that everyone who hAnthology acquired Man of Medan, Little Hope or House of Anthologyhes, can invite a friend to play Joint History mode . Of course, you will have to do it maximum until next February 28, 2022. For this, the guest player will have to download the trial version ** of the game in question and accept the invitation of the entire title holder.

Do not lose our respective analysis of The Dark Pictures Anthology with Man of Medan, Little Hope and House of Anthologyhes, three horrifying very different stories from each other but that will be able to immerse ourselves in their respective horror universes Anthology few interactive experiences have achieved it so far.

Man of Medan, Little Hope and House of Anthologyhes are already available for PC (Steam), PlayStation 4 , Xbox One , PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S .