How to perform all development tasks and rewards AN INTER-EGG

Last update there is October 13, 2020

The Rocket team is back in Pokémon Go, and they cause problems all over the world, trying to use their ghost Pokémon to lead more experiences. A new special search is available where coaches must undergo several different tasks related to the combat and destruction of Team Rocket members in Pokémon GO, finally defeat Giovanni and save Mewtwo. Previously, Shadow Mewtwo was only available for coaches who captured it during Pokémon Go Fest 2020, but now, special research allows everyone to take part in adventure and capture it.

You must accomplish all the tasks associated with the search to fight Giovanni and save Shadow Mewtwo at the end. The special research is also a way to introduce new red eggs, which you get by fighting and beating the leaders of the Rocket team.

All Tasks and Rewards for Development An Inter-Egg-Sting

We will publish all the tasks and rewards you will receive to have accomplished them here when they are put online. We know that you will receive a larvitar, a red egg and a shadow mewtwo for accomplishing all the tasks.

stain 1

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An Inter-egg-sting Development research Complete Tasks & Rewards #PokemonGo

Task 2

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Task 3

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Task 4

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