Lost Ark launch problems solved, players get Crystalline Aura for free

For great frustration of the aspirants _arca lost, players who expected the free launch of the game to begin this week, the official launch of the game was delayed due to implementation problems. However, that delay only lasted a couple of hours, with the game now live after those problems were resolved. An update of launch shared by the developers after the delay was announced, it was said to be imposed by the creation of characters to soften waiting times and that players would receive Crystalline Aura for a couple of days only for logging as a gift from excuse.

Smilegate updated its current blog post focused on launch on Friday with news about the resolution of launch problems. A new time of launch was set, and now that it happened, the game is now available for those who want to play for free.

“Good news! We were able to solve all the implementation problems that delayed the launch, and our new launch schedule will be at 2:15 p. m. PT / 10:15 p. m. UTC ». The developers said. “Thanks again for his patience while we worked on these final problems. We hope to see them in Arkesia! »

Those who log in to arca lost between the moment of launch and on February 13 at a given time will be awarded three days from Crystalline Aura. This effect is something like a subscription type benefit in arca lost that should improve your experience in Arkesia. It is not mandatory, but having a few days can tempt him to keep him activated for longer, so it is a logical apology gift to give away.

“We appreciate the patience of all. Our team continues to work to solve these problems, “the developers said before the problems were resolved. We will add 3 days of Crystalline Aura all players who log in to the game between the launch and 9 a. «

With The Lost Ark The problems now resolved, players should expect to be able to enter without problems, although it is likely that there is a bit of congestion on the server since everyone will try to enter at the same time.