Higher minimum age for referee? – Aalen

What happened? At the 1: 2 defeat of Aalens against the TSG Balingen on the 24th matchday of the Southweststaffel first flew Aalens Tim Schmidt in the 68th minute with the red card from the square. In the 80th minute referee Lukas home then sent VFR coach Uwe Wolf on the grandstand, after this had thrown away the ball.

Wolf: “In the middle of our driving phase, such a person breaks the game”

But not his own beyond, but the point reference to Schmidt, who had achieved the interim balancing for the Aalener in the 62nd minute, caused Wolf’s mind: “That was never in life,” Wolf judged about the foul of Schmidt, the Balingen Kaan Akkaya had fouled in the center circle. For ex-professional wolf, the decision from home was the jet point of the game. “I’m a rock party convinced that as the winner we go from the square if the referee Tim does not turn off from the place,” said the 54-year-old and laid down: “In the middle of our triousness, a person breaks the game.”

Blue Valley Board of Education Meeting 1-10-2022
Wolf called as a consequence the associations to reflect on an increase in the minimum age for referees. Background: Lukas home is one of the younger representatives of its guild with its 25 years. “One should worry if you move the age limit back up and also has experienced referees in the 4th league.”

Captain Abruscia sees reasons for defeat even with own mistakes

However, the Aalener sought the reasons for defeat not only at home. “We also make recurrent mistakes that lead to the gates,” Captain Alessandro Abruscia took its own nose. Under the stroke, the fifth defeat for Aalen stood by Balingen in the table in itself.