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League of Legends reveals the calendar of confrontations of 2022

League of Legends The developer Riot Games today presented the full list of planned Class dates that will take place during the course of 2022. If you are not familiar with Clash, this game mode in league of legends usually takes place Only on weekends and allows five-player teams to join with the aim of facing others in a tournament format. CLASH has existed for a couple of years at this point, and as 2022 continues, Riot opted for giving jajaja players a long-term vision on what dates they must keep open on their calendar.

In a new blog about the League of Legends Riot offered all dates along 2022 in which players can experience shock for themselves. The first tournament of the year, the Ionia Cup, is scheduled to start this week and will take place on February 19 and 20. Then he will continue two weeks later, on March 5 and 6.

The other thing that Riot emphasized today is that Clash tournaments will be available for blocking days before Clash actually begins. For example, if you already have your computer ready to shock next weekend, you can now be grouped into league of legends and block at this time. Although Clash itself will not start until Saturday, this still allows you to prepare with a little more anticipation.

If you want to get a full view of the Clash schedule in league of legends for 2022, you can find the list of dates below.

  • Ionia Cup: February 19 and 20 (week 1), March 5 and 6 (week 2)

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* Copa Freljord: March 19 and 20 (week 1), April 2 and 3 (week 2)
* Cup Piltover: from April 16 to 17 (week 1), from April 30 to May 1 (week 2)

  • TBA Cup: May 14 and 15 (week 1), 21 and 22 May (week 2)
  • Cup of Demacia: June 11 and 12 (week 1), June 25 and 26 (week 2)
  • Copa Shadow Isles: July 9 and 10 (week 1), July 23 and 24 (week 2)
  • Copa Zaun: August 6 and 7 (week 1), 20 and 21 August (week 2)
  • NOXUS Cup: September 3 and 4 (week 1), September 17 and 18 (week 2)
  • TBA Cup: October 1 and 2 (week 1), October 15 and 16 (week 2)
  • Copa TBA: November 19 and 20 (week 1), 3 and 4 December (week 2)