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What is the size of the card in Horizon Forbidden West?

Last updated there is February 17, 2022

Horizon Forbidden West | How Big is the Map? A Walk Across The Forbidden West
Open World Games usually offer a giant space in which players can play, and you are probably wondering what is the size of the sandbox in Horizon Forbidden West. So, what is the size of the card in Horizon Forbidden West?

Measured from east to west, the Horizon forbidden West card measures 7.7 km wide at its widest point. Measured from north to south, Aloy has a little over 5 km to play. There are certainly some narrower places on the map, but Horizon Forbidden West always offers a massive playground. Starting everything from the east and sprinting west, it took me nearly half an hour to reach the Pacific Ocean. Here is the complete card at about 8 hours of play. Yeah, it’s basically huge.

What is more impressive is the exposed variety. The map covers most of the west of North America! It has mountains, grasslands, deserts, jungles, tropical forests, tundra and an infinite number of transition zones. All are unique and all have a ton of secrets to discover.

The card is relatively open from the start of the game, with some two-point blockages. The first point is Barren Light – essentially the tutorial area. The second is the rocky mountains, and I will not spoil this part of the story for you.

What are you looking forward to exploring in the West forbidden? The snowy north? Or maybe you are looking to discover the background of the ocean? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter where you have explored, and what secrets you find! Our 52-hour analysis covered only 44% of the game. We want your help to cover the remaining 56%!