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Metro Exodus has sold six million copies

Metro Exodus has sold more than six million copies since its launch in 2019.

Metro Exodus E3 vs Retail | Direct Comparison

According to a report published by Embrocer Group, the parent company of Koch Media, the group video game sales have grown over the last quarter, affirming that “the main source of income was the strong performance of the catalog, which has exceeded expectations of the direction”.

One of the titles that has worked best is Hot Wheels Unleashed, which has exceeded one million copies around the world since its launch in September, but it is Metro Exodus who has taken more praises.

“The catalog sales were led by Metro Exodus, which has sold six million copies since its launch in February 2019, and Saints Row the Third: Remastered”.

Of Metro Exodus, available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, we said in their analysis that “the most ambitious delivery of the franchise convinces as an adventure of action, but only in love with truth at times Less accelerated “.