Where to find Boss Caspiel in Lost Ark

Lost Ark has a global boss of the 39th level named Caspille. Caspiel is on the timer and is reborn every 30 minutes after the defeat. It is in the heavenly steppe in a cake. If you do not kill him before his discharge, he will return to full health.

Where is Kaspilla?

Caspial is located on the east side of the center Incidental steppe . It is surrounded by trees and rocks. This area is filled with flashing monsters that should not disturb you if you do not disturb them.

Caspille is not easy to win, he has 1,967,454 hits and 23 strips of life. World bosses tend to win the best in the group. From the attacks of Caspille relatively easy to avoid, because it is slow. Other monsters will attack him if he encounters them.

If you are lower than the 40th level, you will die after several shots from Caspiel attacks, so the best strategy is hanging out on the side and allow everyone to do everything else.

Awards for the victory over Caspel

  • Three parts Epic Equipment (Level 210)
  • An Epic Accessory (Level 215)
  • A Treasure Card
  • An Essence of Eternity
  • A Caspiel card
  • Entry in the adventure book for Caspian

Lost Ark: World Boss Caspiel Location and Drops

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