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Daredevil and more Marvel Series will come to Disney +

As you will know, Marvel Series for Netflix will leave this streaming platform at the end of February. Although for a time the whereabouts of these productions was a mystery, it has been confirmed that _ DAREDEVIL_ and the rest of the Defenders will arrive at Disney +, but only in certain regions at the moment.

According to Mobiles, Marvel Series for Netflix will be available at Disney + as of March 16, but only in Canada , at least for the time being. Currently it is unknown what will happen in other parts of the world. This is the content that travels from Netflix to Disney +:

-Marvel’s Daredevil (three seasons)

BREAKING! Netflix Defenders Shows Coming To DISNEY PLUS! MCU Canon Now?
-Marvel’s Jessica Jones (three seasons)

-Marvel’s luke cage (two seasons)

-Marvel’s iron fist (two seasons)

-Marvel’s the defenders (one season)

-Marvel’s The Punisher (two seasons)

Recall that Disney distributes its content on multiple platforms. Although Disney + is the home of series such as WandaVision, Loki and hawkeye, Marvel’s productions, which are focused on a larger audience, They could well reach Star + or Hulu . On related topics, we already know when the Blu-ray of Spider-Man will be on sale: No Way Home .