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Philip Walulis and his editorial staff from the radio network of public broadcasters ARD and ZDF snap themselves in their weekly contributions and again topics that bring people to the palm. For example, such as fans of Trash TV producers are taken to arm. Or it’s about Schwurbler and their latest ideas. And sometimes there is also a topic that is interesting for gamers. For example, it was 2020 with the Walulis post “How Blizzard and his fans reveals” , which you can watch again here. And so is it with the contribution “Why are we giving game developers money for unfinished games?”

Quality Assurance is replaced by Quality Avoidance

The Waluli’s article deals with the phenomenon for several months and years that developers only throw semi-free and semi-finished games on the market – and thus make great money. In the early access and advance sales, promises are already sold, which sometimes will not be adhered to, and every time they go again these promises (ie game boxes and bundles) way like hot rolls.

At the same time, the studios and publishers seem to make sure that there are actually fans out there, which want to fix the problems of games with their own mods to make the experience better. And in the way, the developers save again, or? Say: Are we in an eternal vicious circle of low-effort development and high-gain rip-off?

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The psychology behind it

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Yes, these discussions have existed for years. But after all, she carries the Walulis post a bit further into the mainstream. Because while we may be trimmed to prime us for a U, this is probably less the case with the casual players.

Incidentally, the explanation is also interesting why we continue to play a game, even if we actually feel it in a grape. This is called “Sunk Cost Fallacy” – we also give us bad food, bad music, bad movies or even bad games, because we have put money, time or both pure and do not want this money to be wasted somehow.

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