Destiny 2: Wer Steam-Deck

The Steam cover captured the hearts of PC fans like a can of Sheba the heart of our latest editorial cat. Steam cover as handheld met pretty much all the needs that a PC gamer can have. Well, not everyone, but it sets the check mark in the right places – it checks the boxes so.

Support for Steam deck there is not but from all game developers. The people of Bungie about to share with: “Destiny 2 is used for playing on the Steam deck or on a system, the proton of Steam Play, not supported, unless Windows is installed and running.”

Destiny 2 uses the PC’s with Windows

Destiny 2 BANS Steam Deck Users on SteamOS!

When ye Destiny 2 (buy now 34,86 €) on the PC does not have a Windows instance let go, then you have no support, first by Bungie. And secondly, you can not log in to the MMO shooter. “Players who try to start Destiny 2 on Steam deck above steamos or proton, the game can not be entered and after a short time return to its game library,” it says on the Steam website Bungie aid database.

Bungie even threatening to lock

Those Windows restriction defy these people threaten by Bungie with a spell: “Players who are not accessible from Windows on Destiny 2 and try to circumvent the steamos / proton-incompatibility to be punished with a match suspension.” The developers of the shooter need to be so sure to follow with high reliability. Why Bungie threatening with such consequences, is not officially known. The studio is one of the first that does. Here Destiny 2 is not the first game, because Steam-deck excursion falls into the water. The developers of Epic Games should have ensured (via Golem) that Fortnite not run on Proton.

On which platform you Destiny 2 plays really, it provided the MMO shooter gambles: on the PC or via Stadia? Or on a Playstation or Xbox console? And did you perhaps already took a first look at the new extension, the Witch Queen, whose story we find quite splendid ?

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