Elden Ring Boss Guide: Margit defeating cruel times

In this Boss Guide to Elden Ring you will learn:

  • Where your Margit, the cruel times finds
  • How your access to the fighting arena gets
  • Which tricks your Margit, the cruel times defeats

Margit, the cruel times is the first important boss in Elden Ring. If you want to move forward in the story, you will have to give you earlier or later. The mighty monstrous does not make it easy for you. We show you where your Margit finds and how to fight in combat.

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How do I prepare myself on the fight against Margit, the cruel times before?

If you want, reaches your Margit, the cruel times after a few minutes. Castle storm veil is only a few hundred meters from the starting point in Elden Ring. To defeat the monster, but you should prepare well and invest a few hours of play in the Open World. Which things make you easier to start, you read detailed in our tips guide to Elden Ring.

You should definitely do before you margit asks:

  1. Makes you with the combat system: The timing are particularly important when dodging and parry.
  2. Turns the crafting free in Elden Ring : Traveler Kalé at the church of Elleh and buys the tool set. For example, you can make useful throwing floors.
  3. Learn magic and / or invoice: With appeals and spells you can act from the distance from the distance. You can find a wand on the southern peninsula of tears.
  4. Turns the Summon of Ghosters: If you can summon ghosts in Elden Ring (Guide), you can help you deceased warriors and beasts from the beyond in the fight against the boss.
  5. Visit the Table Festival: In the safe intermediate world you can improve your ghosts, find useful weapons and spells and buy new applications. In the linked article we describe how you reach the Tafelgrundfeste.

Elden Ring: Where can I find the Boss Margit, the cruel time?

Margit, the cruel times guarded the entrance to Schloss Sturmschlieier. You reach you if you follow the “Golden Path” . Immediately after the tutorial you discover the first place of grace. There is a discreet gold-colored veil that points north. On the map you also see a groundbreaking symbol. So you follow the places of grace, you reach access to the castle.

How do I come through the gate, to fight Margit?

Before you can make Margit, you have to pass on a troop soldier. They guard access to Margits Arena with a Balist list, which opened the fire for visual contact immediately . The simplest sneaks right from the way along the rock wall. Between the trees and shrubs you are well protected. Have you reached the gate wall, seams the shooter on the Balist. Now you have free access to Margits Arena and the preview of grace.

Tip: If your runes want to farm, you first set to the place of grace and then sautées the soldiers silently. They are all with their back to you and do not notice the creep attack when you approach them from behind. If something goes wrong, you return only a few meters behind the Ballist at the place of grace.

Boss fight against Margit, the cruel times: What should I pay attention to?

Take a few deaths and peeks only margits attacks and movements. Goes into the defensive and tries to dodge while you studied his impact patterns . With a good understanding of the monster’s rhythm, the fight becomes considerably easier. If you dominate the parry, you have an extremely effective antidote in melee. To find the right timing, however, is hellishly difficult.

Sets hard strokes as the storm attack (holding R2 / RT) very dosed very dosed. Although you align more damage and have the chance for a critical hit, but you are prone to fast counter attacks **. Even the own defense board (R2 / RT after a successful block) takes too long and rarely meets the black. Stroke combinations interrupt Margit only too much with a devastating hit. Remains patient and rather set many small needlesticks.

Going with at least one Effective ranged attack attack in the fight, whether magic or call. Crafted throwing floors like the fire pot can also help. Less advisable are briefs, as recharging takes too long.

Margit, the cruel times: Beware of these attacks

MARGITS Hauptwaffe is a long rod with an enormous range. This usually beats very hard. If he gets out, make you ready for an escape role. He misses you , the bar rests shortly at the footprint – the ideal time for a quick attack.

If Margit performs a light stroke combination with the rod, it often calls a yellow glowing spectral blade directly then with the other hand. With that, the monster continues lightning fast. Resists the rod combination and jumps back several times as soon as the blade flashes.

Are you on distance, you have to expect the following ranged attacks:

  • Margit relies on a huge leap, remains short in the air and then smashes his rod into the ground. Deviates as soon as he pulls down and attacks when the rod is in the ground.
  • Margit summaries glowing spectral throw knife. Listen to the sound of a drawn blade, run quickly in the zigzag to avoid the throwing shot.

In the later course of the fight, Margits combinations will be faster and he draws a big spectral hammer . He jumps into the air and quickly falls down on the earth. Shorts shortly before the impact and attacks him laterally.

Margit, the cruel times: the trick with the ghost quell

If you do not become Margit Lord, calls some help from the hereafter and conjures a spirit. Particularly effective is the ghost quell. Look up in the Tafelprund of Roderica against a few graves and you have a mighty helper on the side. Wherever you find the gunser quell that traverses and improves the mind, you read in our Elden Ring Guide to Ghosts.

The ghost source calls immediately after entering the arena that it manifests directly at the gate. Margit will let himself be distracted from her and turn her back. With jump attacks and storm attacks from behind you broke through the attitude of cruel times without having to fear a fast counter. Then set with a violent stitch in the back (critical hit).

In addition, you have enough time to work involvement or spells from afar . Margit focuses on you, keeps him as possible in the field of action of the jellyfish. She always spits poison on the opponent, which also weakens him.

How to Easily Beat Margit (SUPER CHEESE) - Elden Ring 1st Boss

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