How to make a straw hat Dyric in Lost Ark

MMO LOST ARK can make many things. You can explore various continents, fight with monsters and interact with non-player characters. One way to do this is to give NPC objects such as a straw dory hat. However, the objects of mutual understanding can be rare, so you may be wondering how to get a straw hat Dyric.

To get a straw hat Dyric in Lost Ark, you need to create it. A merchant Capella can create this element of the rapport after you have acquired the straw string of Derik . Here’s how to make a straw hat Dyric in the game Lost Ark.

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where to take the straw thread dyric

Get Dyorika Straw String in Lost Ark, you must defeat the world boss Vili-Vili . We marked his whereabouts in Sanbray Hills on the map above. Like a world boss, Vili Vili has a lot of health and can quickly kill you. Combine with other players to defeat it, and the straw thread of Dyric will fall out of it.

If you have any problems with the murder of Vili Vili, ask friends to help or try using a global chat to find other players. It helps to specify on what channel you are, or switch to another channel if a group of players is already fighting with the world boss.

Where to make a straw hat Dyrica

After you defeat Wili-Vili and gather a straw hat Dyric, you will be ready to create a straw hat Dyric. Secure on the plains of Diorik, especially near the Montterke estate. . Here you can find Capella Trader north of the triPort.

Talk to Capella, and you can make a straw hat Dyric. This requires one straw deer thread and 1000 silver. Once you create a straw hat of Dyric, it will be added to your inventory of mutual understanding.

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