Does Sonic The Hedgehog movie a post scene

Sonic the Hedgehog Post Credits Scene Original vs Cinema Reaction Comparison

The onic the hedgehog the movie is released, and it brings another popular video game character to the big screen. Although the film results are generally warm, fans can expect to see many references to video games in the movie among new versions of old concepts. The actor Jim Carrey, who embodies the nasty of the film, Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik, said he would come back in this role if he had the opportunity to do it in a continuation if it is possible. With the potential of a suite, should fans remain in their scenes for a post-credit scene?

Yes, there is a post-credit scene in the movie, and you should stay to check it. Once the generic has elapsed, the camera returns to the city of Green Hill. Slowly, the camera switches to some bushes, then another gold ring portal appears. The emblematic character, tails, emerges from the ring with a tracker, exclaiming: “If these readings are accurate, he is there. I found it! I just hope I’m not too late. “Tails then flies in the air, probably using the tracker to locate Sonic to help solve a new problem.

Why is Tails after Sonic, we do not know, but it’s an excellent hook for the next movie if the first product sufficient positivity to justify another. The introduction of tails could also refer to a presentation of other favorite characters from the fans to come in the next movie. In addition, with Dr. Robotnik in a more emblematic Eggman appearance at the end of the first film, it would make sense to add head signs to the full history of the franchise video games.

The introduction of tails at the end of the film indicates that more characters will arrive in the movie if a sequence occurs for the movie. At present, we wonder why Tails needs the help of Sonic and what future dangers await the fastest hedgehog.