Sony Shows Prototypes Secrets of Playstation Consoles Abroad

In more than ten years of PlayStation coverage, we have never seen this kind of detective before. Tweak Town has kept an eye on Sony Interactive Entertainment’s exports and discovered a 700 kg register of video game console prototypes, shipped from its head office to London to Norfolk, Virginia.

PlayStation is Sneaking Console Prototypes to the USA
The package, composed of four cartons, was shipped on November 16, 2021 at the end of last year – although the reason it was sent in Virginia to be specifically a mystery. The main seat of Playstation in the United States is in San Mateo, although it has Sony Electronics subsidiaries on the East Coast. Presumably, they were recovered in Norfolk and sent for the second stage of their trip.

So, what could it be? Well, realistically, it’s probably nothing. We assume that they may be linked to PSVR2 , which would make sense given the timing – or more likely they are only PS5 prototypes. We like this rumor, however: we all saw our fair share of patents and trademarks over the years, but never before the international shipping records.

What do you think there were in these big boxes? Do your detective work in the comments section below.