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In this Guardián del nucleo Farming Guide, I will tell you everything you need to know about agriculture and gardening, how to make a wooden farm and where to find crops.

How to cultivate in Guardián del nucleus

Agriculture in the nucleus_guardián is quite easy. You will need to manufacture a copper hoe to till the floor and a shower to water the plants. Then, just plant a seed on the ground by right clicking on the land carved with the seed in your hand.

Once a culture is planted, you will have to wait a bit to grow. Usually, you will only need to water a crop once, although there are exceptional cases in which it is possible that it is necessary to water a crop for the second time. You may have better chance of obtaining seeds (as well as bonus crops) if you invest in agricultural skills. The crops that cultivates can be used to do crafts and cook.

How to enter seeds Guardián del nucleus

You probably have some seeds for when you decide to start cultivating. Limos in the Dirt Biome, the area for beginners of the game, are a good source of seeds. You can also get seeds harvesting wild plants or find them on chests and boxes.

The woe desert biome is another excellent source of seeds. Yellow plants in that biome will give you random seeds when they destroy them.

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How to move the water

You may want to establish a farm where you do not have water nearby. Fortunately, there is a solution: If you fall the floor with a shovel, the water will flow into the hole. You can dig a ditch as far as you want the water to be. I recommend you keep a pool of water near your farms so you do not have to run backing your shower.

How to make a wooden farm in Guardián del nucleus

Make a wooden farm in Guardián del core is not so difficult it could be said that it is easier than cultivating any other crop.

First, you will need to till a little dirt with a hoe and prepare a shower. Then, you must plant a root seed. This will grow until it becomes a piece of wood with some leaves. You will also need to work the area around the planted root seed: the roots will grow from this central plant. I recommend at least one 5 × 5 area with root seed in the center as seen in the image above.

To harvest the wood, all you need to do is break the excess root that grow in the center. Do No break the centerpiece; New wood will continue to grow while there is room for it to grow.

Guardián del nucleus Agricultural guide – List of crops

Cultivation seed Harvest Produced Necessary ground Found in biomas.
Pump pepper seed PEPPARE Bomb Earth Dirt, Azeos desert
Seed of heart berries Heart berry Earth Dirt, Azeos desert
Glass tulip seed Glow tulip Earth Dirt, Azeos desert
root seed Wood (grow from the center) Earth Dirt, Clay Caves, Azeous Desert

Kapok Grub Seed | Fiber | Earth | The clay caves
Carroca seed | Carroca | Rock | The forgotten ruins
Puffungi seed | Puffungi | Mold | The Mazmorra of the Mold

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