Guide to make money from Core Keeper

In this Guardián del core Guide to make money, I will tell you how to make money so you can buy the items you want from the merchants or change your skills!

How to unlock traders in Guardián del nucleus

There are two merchants in Guardián del core __ for its release of anticipated access. Both traders have their own requirements to unlock them.

Merchant of Miners Speleologists

The dealer merchant is unlocked the first time you defeat Glurch The Abominous Mass, the head of the direct Biome. After that, he will go through the area where you killed Glurch.

Glurch will also drop a Slime Jar; He can place this in a sealed room with a door and a bed and make Caveling Merchant moved with you.

Backpack merchant (also known as cavern dealer)

The backpack merchant can be found wandering through the bioma of The Forgotten Ruins in a special room with a campfire and a bed. If you want me to move with you, you will have to defeat Ghorm the devourer and place the mysterious idol in a room with a door and a bed.

How to earn money in Guardián del nucleus – The best ways to earn money

And now, to the flesh of our _ degree of the nucleus, guide to make money. This game uses “ancient coins” as currency, and there are many different ways to win them.

Here are several strategies to earn money in _Guardián del nucleus!

Sack of ancient coins

Ancient coins can be looted from boxes, jars and chests that are in the world.

Sale of valuables

Value objects are special items whose sole purpose is to be sold by ancient coins or being used as decoration.

Sale of ancient items and booty

When you enter a new biome, you will soon get access to more powerful teams than you already have. You can sell old equipment (or any team and items that you looted from the monsters) instead of filling your storage with them.

Sale of metal bars

The copper is beautiful at the beginning of the game, but soon you will realize that you have dozens or even hundreds of ingots and there is not much to manufacture with them. If your copper bars, tin bars, etc. They are accumulating and does not want to manufacture anything, you can always sell them.

Fish sale

Fishing is a great source of food, but it is also a great source of profits. You can sell any fish that captures any of the merchants and get a good profit.

Sale of cooked food

Cooking is the best way to fill your hunger meter and earn benefits, but it can also be profitable. Once you have begun to grow seriously, you will probably have much more food than you know what to do. However, do not sell the ingredients: take the time to cook the food and sell the finished product to get a much greater profit.

Sale of chief articles

The elements that throw the heads of the game (including their chests) are quite valuable. Selling the items you earn in the fights of bosses can make you earn some extra money.

Keep in mind that buying an invocation idol to revive a boss will cost it 500 ancient coins, and it is doubtful that it earn so much with the booty of a boss. Consider starting a new temporary world and kill the head for free instead of using the invocation idol to generate one in your main saved file.

Guardián del core Guide to make money – sale price list

Here are the price lists of some of the items in Guardián del nucleus. You can find out the price of any item when you pass the mouse on it while talking with a merchant.

Value objects prices

  • Amber piece – 18 BC
  • Globe spore – 10 BC

  • Blood skull – 27 BC
  • Cavernícola Skull – 10 BC

Path of Exile - Beginner Guide to the Cash Shop and Items/Tabs You Should Buy
* Astillada plate – 50 BC
* Seca butterfly – 23 BC
* Fungal bone – 15 BC
* Golden feather – 75 BC
* Green algae – 1 ca
* Knot GRUB – 17 BC
* Hard spine – 15 BC
* Fossil leaf – 25 BC
* Mechanical arm – 45 BC
* Rocío de Moho – 100 ca
* Ocarina – 78 BC
* Ancient amulet – 21 BC
* Petrified coral – 46 BC
* Petrified egg – 18 BC
* Lovely urn – 32 BC
* Rusty spoon – 3 BC
* Stone bushing – 17 BC

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