Mum task for new DFB

Bernd Neuendorf or Peter Peters? With a new president, finally rest in the crisis-propress DFB should stop. But the doubts at a new beginning are great.

Both promise a new beginning, both tendons one end of the permanent crisis – but already before the showdown between Bernd Neuendorf and Peter Peters, the doubts.

If the new DFB president is named the new DFB president on Friday at the Bundestag, all the power struggles, scandals and investigations are omnipresent. The confidence is destroyed, the image desastrous – on the new boss waits a mum task.

The expectation and goal is “that the DFB rests rest again,” the still largely unknown Neuendorf assured. He is as a clear favorite in the groundbreaking choice, after the voice-efficient amateur camp had pronounced several times for him. Peters whose competence is severely doubted by many sides, as a candidate of professional clubs, in the first-time combat tuning among the 262 delegates hardly have a chance.

But one of the two candidates can really save the crisis-born German football covenant? The mistrust in public is great. Not for nothing warned Sachsen-Anhalt Verwandschef Holger Stahlknecht in Germany radio before a “skirmish command when applying for this office there”.

Especially the old loads weigh heavy. The public prosecutor’s office regularly closed in the Otto-Speck-Schweise, still the summer fairy tale scandal is not fully enlightened. And: the non-ending mud battles, always new returns as well as intrigues and affairs within the lead, severe the association. For years, the DFB is in crisis mode.

Violent criticism of the “system cook”

The latest attack of the three ex-presidents fit into the picture. For the image damage and several problems Fritz Keller, Reinhard Grindel and Theo Zwanziger made the “system cook” indirectly.

Together they demanded a “real new beginning”. One who had also promised about the basement and grindel, but crissful on the “old DFB” and had failed himself.

Critics see the influential Interim Boss Rainer Koch, who leaves the first row, entangled into numerous dubious machinations – for example in the ominous “Diekmann-Causa”. While Peters excluded a collaboration with the 63-year-old cook, Neuendorf continues to see him in the Bureau and the Executive Committee of the European Football Union (UEFA). It lurks more conflicts.

The women’s initiative “Football can be more” about Katja Kraus had adopted early with sharp criticism from the power struggle and dispensed with a candidacy. A set game, complained to the group, Deals in Hinterroom. Neuendorf and Peters won with women in their teams. However, it remains open how serious the association in the future takes the long neglected topic diversity.

DFB with many problems

High probability Neuendorf will have to return the shards of the past. The Middle Rhine Boss and SPD politician is considered an integer, is often described as a calm analyst. But a familiation of the new boss is unlikely to receive.

It is completely open which problems also on the way to the prestigious project home-EM 2024 is still hidden. “The coming years will be financially challenging for the DFB,” wrote about the outgoing treasurer Stephan Osnabergge in the annual report. There would be the new construction of the campus, tax payments or the Corona pandemic.

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Even more, there is a negotiation on the basic contract in the coming year with the German Football League in the focus. Also in the continuous dispute between amateurs and professionals new bridges must be built. “We see the choice, regardless of their exit, as a great chance for a new beginning,” said DFL-Chefin Donata Hops of the crisis-propress DFB Image. It is important that “DFB comes in quieter fairway”.