Hack and Slash Phil Shenk Specialists and Peter Hu Fondent Moon Beast Productions

The creations of new game development studios are legion, but some arouse a little more curiosity than others. This is particularly the case for Moon Beast Productions , a development studio officially founded last year but is revealed to the big day today and that we notice because of its founders, Phil Shenk and Peter Hu.

Both claim more than 25 years of experience in the game industry, dedicated to hack and slash. Phil Shenk made his first weapons at Blizzard North, then Blizzard Entertainment , mainly in the development team of Diablo II and then his extension Lord of destruction (at The head of his design team). He then joined Peter Hu at feu Flagship Studios to design Hellgate: London . Peter Hu that we then found within the first circle of Runic Games ( Torchlight and Torchlight 2 ) or as Creative Director of Marvel Heroes at Chez * Gazzillion * *. CVs that will probably talk to lovers of the genre.

But what do they intend to achieve jointly at the studio Moon Beast ? They are not prolixes on the subject, but they already announce the development of a first game resting on an unprecedented license and who must take advantage of their long experience – without going too much, we imagine the development of a hack and slash. On the official website of the newly launched studio, they also specify not to be content with designing games, nor even worlds, but “new ways to play and share his dreams”, also evoking “a world of infinite adventures. »… To concretize these projects, the studio recruits and the curious will be able to register for its newsletter to follow the next developments of the project.