Home Cinema Podcast 29: The suffering of the young Batman

A huge cinema blockbuster such as “The Batman”, which was staged by “Planet of Monkeys” – and “Cloverfield” director Matt Reeves and with Star Power (Robert Pattinson, Zoé Kravitz, Paul Dano and many more), deserves Of course, a particularly long and detailed discussion. Many already speak from the great masterpiece that many Batman films of the past are in the shade. But is that actually the case? And can The Batman keep up with the force of “The Dark Knight”?!

Film reviews about current cinema films:
Jackass Forever in the Film Criticism: Perhaps the best horror domeds of the year
The Batman in the Film Criticism: Between Ernst and Surkiness
Uncharted in film criticism: Character on Marvel, Star Wars & Co.

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The Batman - The Weekly Planet Podcast

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_Alle topics in a row # 29 – TimeCodes: _
00:00:00 – Introduction and welcome
00:01:00 – Cash Check: What’s about Uncharted, Moonfall and The Batman?
00:23:40 – Fascination Batman – Comics, Movies & Co.
01:17:24 – Spoiler Talk to The Batman!
02:01:54 – Community & Home Recommendations

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