Wow: Mausoleum of the first

The developers of Blizzard will not tire, even daily with hotfixes to throw themselves. Of course, above all, the mausoleum of the first, the new battles of patch 9.2, is in the foreground. Since bosses are generated, others are bordered, but only a little later becomes a little generous. Anyway, Blizzard can not accuse blizzard that they had found themselves on the rather moderately successful balancing, with which the Raid came to the live servers.

RAID-NERFS per hotfix

And so, in the latest hotfixes, some Nerfs for the bosses in the mausoleum of the first – and for the trash.

  • The position of the clamping with the gigantically large trash packs of the ephemeral levels were adjusted so that it occurs more rarerly that you accidentally pullt more than one group. That can quickly go into the pants, as there are some extremely nasty opponents.
  • In addition, some bosses have been something new. Thus, the attentive guard now has 5 percent fewer life points in the LFR and degenerate the adds at Lihivum is now limited to 30 meters. As a result, the adds should no longer stand on the edge and work their spells, but at least come into the range of the remote fighters before they stop.
  • The hardest Nerfs had to plug in this time Halonddrus . The damage in the final phase was now significantly weakened. He no longer increases by 50 percent per pile, but only 42 percent. This should be a bit more relaxed and provide less frustrating death. In addition, some mistakes were fixed in the boss fight, but mostly did not have liked it particularly important.

Aufmerksamer Wächter Guide (Normal/Heroisch) - Mausoleum der Ersten [World of Warcraft: Shadowlands]
Here is the official excerpt from the hotfix announcement:
Dungeons and Raids

    • Adjusting The Location of Devourers in Ephemeral Plains to Help Make Pulls Clearer and Reduce The Concentration of Enemies.
    • Vigilant Guardian
    • Vigilant Guardian’s Health Reduced by 5% On Raid Finder Difficulty.
    • Lihuvim, Principal Architect
    • Degeneration Automa’s Degenerate Now Has a Maximum range of 30 yards.
    • Halonddrus the Reclaimer
    • Decreased the Amount of Damage Eternity Overdrive Gains via Application to 42% of Its Original Value on All Difficulties (What 50%).
    • Fixed to Issue That Caused Halondrus to Sometimes Delay Relocation Form While Casting Other Spells in Quick Succession.
    • Fixed to Issue That Caused Shatter to Not Display ITS Entire Visual Effect IF Projected Textures Were Disabled in System Settings.
    • Fixed to Issue That Caused The Stone Gates in The Shimmering Cliffs to NOT Close Properly When The Encounter Ends in Failure.

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