Emotions in Russian users are puzzled, anger, sadness, all-Russia Situin Simulator Seam “Metro Simulator” Domestic Current Status [Special Series]

Ukraine invasion by Russia has a major impact on the game industry. GAME * SPARK Contact Indie Games Developers Based in the surrounding countries that allow you to deliver the reality more to readers, Ukraine, Russia, and even more affected., I decided to tell the raw voice as an emergency series. The second time, we will deliver a mini-in-tab of Indie Studio Kishmish Games Mikhail , who heard the story in the “Metro Simulator” (interview) in the past.

First time “I do not know how to update Adobe products”

All interviews were made by email, and we asked the questions listed arbitrarily. We have already started an email interview in the same format for future series.

  • What is the current status of Russia?

  • Economic sanctions are also advanced, but what is the impact on development?

  • Sales at STeam will be received in Russia currently?

  • What is the response of the game developer community?

  • How are users in Russian responses?

  • How are you receiving against the invasion of Russia this time?

In addition, it is of this interview It is 0:13 in Japan time March 8th. Situations are sometimes changing from momentary, but the answer does not add an extremely good hand, and part of the part that seems to be misleading is supplemented in the form of editing annotations. Each answer is to understand that it is an interview’s personal view. **

Mr. Mikhail This is a very difficult situation. It feels like it is satisfied with uncertainty. We have been working for more than six years so far, delivering games to people around the world, and to say that you make you more happy. I think this is our role, so I would like to continue in the future. In any circumstances, we will not stop games.

-What is the current situation in Russia?

Mikhail Many people still seem to have so much change, but it is also a problem. Now IT companies, exports and banks face the problem. I think that all issues are coming and scattered, but there are still many people who are not visible.

– Economic sanctions to Russia are also advancing, but what is the impact on development?

Mr Mikhail We do not use sanctioned banks. However, the impact is already beginning to be affected. Since only two weeks have been passed, I do not know how much it will come out. ** A situation where new news comes into dive daily.

Update: Expressing emotion with ну
-Sales of Steam are currently receiving in Russia?

Mr. Mikhail It was planned to pay at the end of February, but there is no payment from Steam yet. It is still an opaque situation if payment will be made properly.

-What reaction did you have in the Game Developer community in Russia?

I can not say things on behalf of all Mikhail, but in a difficult situation, I think that a small studio is a very difficult situation.

– How are users react?

Mr. Mikhail Puzzle, anger, sadness, everything .

– How do you think about the Ukrainian invasion?

Mr. Mikhai (not answered)

Going forward, we will deliver live voices as soon as there is a reply from the Developer of Russia Ukraine and the Developers in the neighboring countries.